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Bring the below mentioned papers at the time of submission of hard copy

1:- Passport Copy 02:- Police Verification 03:- Bussiness Infomation 04:- Latest Pics (Requried)

A:- Bank Statement          

B:- Donation Slip (if you have given donation to any NGO in America then its slip)

You have to send the hard copy with signature to our NGO

Prego Dalliance Sanctuary is
a nonprofit 501(c)(3) providing a
safe haven for unwanted parrots

Prego Dalliance Sanctuary
11693 Kismet Avenue
Lakeview Terrace -California,
USA 91342

Prego Dalliance

The Booking fee for course is 6660 $

Please note that the fees and additional charges mentioned in the form are placeholders, and you should replace them with the actual fees and charges applicable to your meditation camp.